John Nunan

John Nunan participated in the Certificate in Quality Engineering & Diploma in Management through Irish Medtech Springboard.

As part of his internship, John was assigned a mentor and was tasked with reviewing Bio-Medical Research’s (BMR) Risk Management Standard Operating Procedure in relation to the 2012 version of the Risk Management Standard ISO14971. John took on the project with great enthusiasm and he completed the task to a very high level of competency and detail.

“The Irish Medtech Springboard programme provided an opportunity to allow the company to try something with minimal impact on budget”, Conor Minogue, Technical Director, said, “There are always areas where a given project cannot be quite justified over competing projects. The company gets to test a concept it might not have done otherwise and the trainee gets some work experience. It is a win-win situation.”

John Nunan said, “The Springboard courses are specifically targeted at industry sectors where there are skills shortages. The courses allow a person to re-focus their CV to better fit employer’s requirements. The internship aspect provides a way for someone out of work to demonstrate that they are motivated, focused and committed on working in their targeted area. I found the work experience part of the programme to be the most valuable, as it allowed me to develop skills in a way that cannot be taught in a classroom setting.”

Following his internship, John has taken up a permanent position within the Quality team of BMR.

Bio-Medical Research (BMR) Ltd. is a privately owned Irish business with headquarters in Galway. With over 40 years experience in the research, design, manufacture and marketing of medical grade products for both muscle strengthening and pain relief, the company has established itself as a world leader in development of medical grade Electrical Muscle Stimulator (EMS) technology, and respected for the clinical trials, controlled product trials and the clinical evidence that is standard with any of their products.

The company is committed to the maintenance and continuous improvement of an effective Quality Management System. With many competing projects requiring attention the Irish Medtech Springboard offered an opportunity and resource to focus on a review of the Risk Management Standard ISO14971.