The availability of suitably skilled professionals for the sector is key to the growth and development of the ecosystem here.

Irish Medtech Springboard would like to thank all their member companies for supporting our programmes over the past years. It is with your engagement, that we are able to provide these valuable programmes for industry. These programmes are specifically designed to allow your employees, as well as eligible unemployed persons, to upskill, reskill and take up new roles in industry.

Please contact programme administrator Michelle Reinecke-Quain, with your details, and a job specification, by email to if you are interested in:

  • Accessing potential employees
  • Bringing in fresh talent, fresh ideas and new thinking
  • Accessing newly trained graduates with recent skills sets or skilled workers that add real value to your organisation
  • Enhancing the performance of your organisation by offering placements, and/or employment, to motivated individuals with enthusiasm and a passion for developing their careers