Senior Medtech business leaders have identified a skills demand in their organisations in the quality and regulatory affairs functions. The Bachelors in Science in Quality and Regulatory affairs is a top up qualification for persons employed with a level 7 degree who require a level 8 qualification. It allows existing employees, as well as eligible unemployed persons, to reskill or upskill to gain entry to fill quality and regulatory roles.

Based on the responses of chief executives and HR officers of companies employing around 11,000 in the Irish Medtech sector, a recently conducted Irish Medtech Springboard skills survey shows many medical technology companies finding it difficult to find suitably qualified quality engineers. The Quality Engineer is a person who understands the principles of valuation and control of product and service quality. Now through blended learning the Certificate in Quality Engineering course is designed to cover all modules of the American Society for Quality (ASQ) in preparation for the Certified Quality Engineer’s examination.